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Service of dry matter screening


The “service of screening” it’s the action of running granulated particles through a screen to separate the small parts from the larger ones, activate mixtures or cleanse impurity.




Separate into different granulometries of sand, arids, other ferrous sand, seeds, hard shells, paint powder, chemicals, granulates, steel burr, pellets, zinc, aluminum burr, in dry display.


The meshes we use are steel meshes interwoven which are galvanized or special steel of different measures for the size of the required gap, gauges, weight m²/kg, etc.



Our teams have an approximate capacity of sifting of 1 ton daily, the body of the sifter is made of stainless steel and other areas are covered with special coating, the screening meshes are also stainless steel. Our common screening area is 50 cm. diameter wide, expandable to 200 cm, its mounted on an angle base of steel field movable.

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